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  • Game Design and Graphics

Remedies is a deception based board game where players must use resources to help cure other players' ailments and secretly sabotage their assassination target. 

My wife and I love playing board games, which inspired this collaboration project. 

There are two elements to consider when creating a board game: game mechanics (strategy) and graphical aesthetics (design). ​Remedies has a whimsically delightful balance of both of these... if I do say so myself!

By most accounts, fairy tale medicine is pretty underdeveloped. In fact, whenever a run-of-the-mill fantasy character gets sick, they must turn to their neighbors for whatever natural remedies are locally available.


But be warned! Not all neighbors have the purest motives when offering apothecary fixes. In fact, many of these fantastical citizens have their own murderous intentions in mind when providing means of "medical relief."

Character Cards


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