Bethel Short Term Missions

  • Strategy, Management, & Logistics
  • Branding, Graphics, & Social Media

Bethel Short-Term Missions is a subsidiary department of Bethel Church in Redding, CA. Each year, this department is responsible for the mobilization of over 2,000 missionaries to 80 different locations across the globe.

I've worn a lot of hats for this department. Scroll down to check out some of the things I've done!

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  • 80 Teams

  • 160 Leaders

  • 2,000+ Missionaries


As Director of Short-Term Missions, I oversee a team of 5 employees and over 160 leaders in the mobilization of over 80 teams and 2,000 missionairies anually.


In my first role as Trip Coordinator, I was solely responsible for all major travel logistics. In 2 years, I purchased over 3,500 airline tickets and managed corporate deals with major airlines and busing companies.  

Finance Management

Within Bethel Church, the Short-Term Missions department operates as a subsidiary multi-million dollar non-profit. As Director, I have successfully managed this budget with transparency and integrity.


& Design

In my time at Bethel Short-Term Missions, I created a departmental logo and unique graphics for our yearly themes, leader meeting presentations, and social media.

My Designs

Give Your Yes

2019 Theme

So That All May Know

2020 Theme